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The One With Joey's Dirty Day

Episode 414

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Joey goes fishing and comes back smelly... and doesn't get a chance to shower before he goes to work on a new movie with Charlton Heston; he gets caught cleaning up in the only shower on the set--in Mr. Heston's dressing room. Joshua invites Rachel to a club opening but she's already agreed to take her boss's niece (Emily) to the opera; Ross agrees to fill in for her with the niece, and they hit it off much better than first impressions would indicate; meanwhile, Rachel's date falls through when a rain storm smears her name off the club's guest list. Chandler continues recovering from his break-up with Kathy, but can't move on to phase two, because there's no one with which to go to a strip club... except Monica and Phoebe.

The one where they said....

Phoebe: So now, what is this now?
Joey: Googly worm.
Phoebe: And this?
Joey: Glow-pop jiggly-jammer.
Phoebe: Bait is so funny!

Rachel: Well, the whole night was horrible. It was pouring down rain, and when I got there, there was no Rachel Green on the list... but there was a Rachel Greep.
Phoebe: Oh, so did you get to meet her?

Phoebe: Aw, Phebes...
Rachel: Honey, that's your name.
Phoebe: That's short for Phoebe? I thought that's just what we called each other.

Monica: Chandler! You can't just go back a phase!
Chandler: Yes you can. You're thinking about time, you can't go back in time.

Chandler: You know what? I'm just going to home and call Kathy.
Phoebe: If you think it'll help...
Chandler: No! That was a test! You know, in a couple of hours I'm gonna get really drunk, and I'm gonna want to call Kathy, and you guys are gonna have to stop me! And then after that, I'm gonna be so drunk I'm gonna wanna call Janice!
Phoebe: You should! How is she?

Chandler: Phase Three! I just achieved phase three!
Monica: Really?
Chandler: I am totally picturing you with all those women!
Monica: That... that's not phase three.
Chandler: Well, I'm there too!
Rachel: Well, are we all together, like in a group?
Chandler: Stop it! You're killin' me!

Chandler: All right, ladies, here's what we're gonna do. You are gonna take off my clothes; you two go get the oils; and you just constantly scream at the top of your voice, "Chandler's the king! Chandler's the king!"
Phoebe: Oh, I want to be with her, I like her.
Chandler: Oh, that's fine. Go with your instincts, go with your instincts.
Monica: Wait, now... what am I doing again?
Chandler: Oh, come on! Would you please pay attention? I could wake up at any moment!


Written by Wil Calhoun
Directed by Peter Bonerz
Tate Donovan as Joshua Burgin
Helen Baxendale as Emily Waltham
Paxton Whitehead as Mr. Waltham
Carlos LaCamara as The A.D. (Assitant Directory on Joey's movie)
Rocky McMurray as The Cigarette Guy
Charlton Heston as himself
Aired 2/5/98, 7/16/98